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Construction and Building Industry

The construction and building industry must navigate in lots of rules about tender, financing, public and private co-operations, insurances and during recent years also sustainability. Our specialists offers advice in preparing the right contracts prior to cutting the first sod.

Thus, our legal services are based on the correct basis for a contract prior to start-up of the building work. In that way a number of disputes may be avoided subsequently.

However, disputes cannot be entirely avoided.

We also have long experience in arbitration cases and other legal proceedings in the field.

As far as possible, we seek, however, to settle the disputes through negotiation or mediation, as we are of the opinion that this may often be the best long-term solution for the parties.

Furthermore, as some of the only ones in the country, we offer to resolve conflicts through mediation. We take on the role as mediator and thus facilitate a process between several parties who want to create solutions that everyone can be satisfied with. This process typically takes a month, and can help save time, money and maintain good cooperation. Read more about mediation here.