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Sport and Culture

Sport and culture derives from the heart, but it lives longer in its own time when run as a professional business.

Our specialists give advice on the legal issues in connection with financing, insurance, co-operation and rights when you want to turn your sporting abilities or artistic talents into a business.

In the world of sport there are many national players, such as unions, associations, clubs, amateurs, professionals, coaches and athletes. Thus, our advice in the world of sport includes many legal areas of specialisation.

We give advice to the athlete, who will improve his opportunities of concentrating on his sport through the right contracts and sponsorship agreements. We also give advice to the sports organisations, such as Dansk Squash Forbund (the Danish Squash Union) and Dansk Golf Union (the Danish Golf Union), which need to secure the conditions of their competitive athletes.

We know the specific concepts and special agreements of sport, and we can assist with contracts with an international perspective or in case of disputes including considerations in the ordinary courts or in the special disputes boards.