The way we work



We usually work in teams of 2 lawyers. By major assignments, more lawyers may be involved. Teamwork optimises case proceedings as more lawyers assigned to a case means better opportunities to be complimentary and further, our clients experience the advantage of having more lawyers to contact at the office to assist in urgent matters.


The assignment

On receipt of an assignment, we seek to set up guidelines in cooperation with our client for the treatment of the assignment in question before proceeding with the assignment. We focus on procuring value creating solutions for our client, in the present matter as well as in the future.

Basis for calculating Codex Advokater's fees are the time spent, the value of the subject-matter, the complexity of the case and the result achieved. In matters concerning purchase and disposal of private property, our fees are mostly calculated according to a pre-determined fee.

Each lawyer has a fixed hourly rate reflecting the individual lawyer's degree of specialist knowledge and experience. In long-pending cases or ongoing client relationships our fee is invoiced regularly, for instance quarterly. In short time isolated cases, our fee is invoiced when the case is closed.

We forward an invoice with a detailed description of the assistance rendered. Unless otherwise agreed, this invoice falls due for payment 14 days from the invoice date.


Rules and regulations

As Danish lawyers we are subject to the rules of the Danish Administration of Justice Act and other relevant legislation, including management of all client funds entrusted to Codex Advokater. Danish lawyers are also subject to the Code of Conduct laid down by the Danish Bar and Law Society to ensure that all tasks are performed in the client's best interests and with the utmost integrity.

Codex Advokater is subject to the rules of the money laundering act and is therefore required to collect and store identity information on the client. We are under an obligation to store this identity information for a minimum of five years after the client relationship has ended.

Codex Advokater is assigned by the Danish Ministry of Justice and member of the Danish Bar and Law Society.

Read more about the provisions regulating attorneys' performance of their job on the website of the Danish Bar and Law Society:

Codex Advokater holds a liability insurance with the insurance company TRYG and has provided a guarantee pursuant to the provisions of the Danish Bar and Law Society. Our liability insurance covers any legal practice, regardless of where the practice is being conducted.


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Codex Advokater

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Competence, personality, commitment

Codex Advokater has been established through a merger between the law firms Thyssen, Skovbo og Forsberg Advokater and Codex Advokater.

Codex Advokater has offices in both Vejle and Horsens.

At Codex Advokater we specialize in providing legal advice to firms, companies and public authorities in both Danish and international matters.