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Shareholders’ Matters and Ownership

Over many years we have been giving advice on all aspects of company matters and corporate structure. Our advisory services on these matters are a natural part of the daily advice to our commercial clients.

This includes establishment or change of limited liability companies, private companies, partnership companies, limited partnership companies or partnerships.

In several cases we have assisted in conversions, restructurings, mergers as well as demergers of such companies. We have a considerable basic knowledge built up through a number off cases in many years to help our clients through the transactions in relation to Company Law.

As a natural part of our basic advice on company matters we advise also on internal relations between the company owners, e.g. in connection with owner’s agreements/shareholder’s agreements and in connection with a qualified prescription of the articles of association of the specific company.

Several issues, e.g. preemption rights, protection of minorities, election of management or the like can be described and solved in the articles of associations of the company profitably.

However, there may often be a need for supplementing the articles of association of the company with an owner’s agreement.

Owner’s agreements may be very complex and need to be adjusted to the individual circumstances and interests of the owners, e.g. in connection with contributed capital as part of an investment, as part of a succession or because two or more people share a good idea. We would like to assist so that 2 plus 2 may be 5.

Our aim is that owner’s agreements in advance should clarify and solve the complex issues which might arise when more people own a company together. We seek to incorporate solutions and mechanisms into the owner’s agreements taking into account both the legal issues as well as the personal relations in case of a dispute between the parties. It is much easier to solve the problems before they arise.

Basically, the best owner’s agreement is the one, which the parties do not have to read again.