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Construction Law

We have a lot of experience in providing advice in connection with the formation of construction contracts including preparation and negotiation of construction contracts etc.

We also give advice to advisors and developers in connection with the formation of consultancy agreements in connection with construction.

The construction law comprises some standard terms, such as AB 18, ABT 18 and ABR 18, which are often used in connection with the formation of contracts. Yet, on the formation of contract it is very important to consider whether a wide range of the provisions in these standard terms shall apply, as they can cause unfortunate consequences if reference is only made to the standard terms in full.

If the matter is of limited extent orhe complexity it could also be considered whether the standard terms; simplified AB 18 or simplified ABR 18 should be used instead of the comprehensive AB 18 and ABR 18.

In our opinion the good contract is a contract which seeks to equilibrate the consideration for both parties – in that way the best result of a contract is achieved.

However, disputes are not inevitable.

Thus, we also have considerable experience in the handling and settling of disputes including negotiation and completion of arbitration cases, legal proceedings, expert’s reports etc.

We advise our clients with a holistic and commercial aim taking also an ongoing or future co-operation between the client and his business partners into consideration in connection with our legal services.