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Family Law

In Codex Advokater we are ready to help you make the right legal choices in your family life and private life.

Our lawyers can give relevant and competent advice concerning the circumstances of cohabitants or as single or married. We assist in the drawing up of marriage contracts, cohabitation contracts in respect of homes etc. and naturally in the drawing-up of wills as well.

We can be of assistance in the event of separation, legal separation and divorce. In these situations there are often three matters to be dealt with and we can assist in all three.

The first matter is about the children. Are the parents going to have joint custody, where are the children going to live and how about the access for the parent with whom the child/children do not live. We can also assist in matters concerning child support.

The second matter is about sharing the assets. If you have been married all assets, which do not belong to the spouses as separate property, must be shared. In case of separate property the extent of it must be clarified. As a rule, if you have not been married only the assets owned together should be shared.

The last matter is about the choice between separation and divorce and whether one of the spouses should receive a maintenance payment from the other.

We experience that several issues arise especially in the preliminary phase and often under way and subsequently. If you need help, please do not hesitate to contact Codex Advokater.