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Insolvency Law, Liquidation and Reconstruction of Companies


Through the years we have been appointed as liquidator in small and large insolvent estates at the request of banks and other creditors. Thus, we have attended to transfer or winding-up of struggling companies within a number of lines of business, such as manufacturing companies, service business, retail, farming etc.

In that connection we have a network of associated companies to carry through valuation and sale of assets or purchase of companies wholly or partially. In its capacity as liquidator and as part of the insolvency proceedings Codex Advokater has conducted legal proceedings concerning liability and avoidance.

Moreover, Codex Advokater has advised and represented banks and other creditors in connection with the proved claims for avoidance.

Codex Advokater is attached to this arrangement as general liquidator in the Court of Kolding.


In a number of cases Codex Advokater has been appointed as reconstruction administrator to assist in the reconstruction of struggling companies in connection with filed reconstructions and in connection with the completion of compositions, extension of payments or the like. We have assisted in the completion of reconstructions in which the struggling company has been kept in operation, either through arrangements with the creditors or through a sale of the company.

Moreover, Codex Advokater has acted as creditor representative and has given advice in connection with the evaluation of proposals for reconstructions, compositions, extensions of payments or the like.

Debt restructuring

Codex Advokater is associated with the Bankruptcy Court in Kolding as a general administrator in cases of debt restructuring. Thus, we have built extensive experience in debt restructuring, and therefore we are able to advise on settlement of a debt on terms similar to debt restructuring, if relevant.