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Codex Advokater offers mediation in conflict situations. We advise and facilitate mediation impartially and professionally. It helps you save time, money and makes it possible to move on quickly.

A lawsuit can take a very long time and have the effect that you spend a lot of time and a lot of resources which take focus away from your business. By entering into a voluntary agreement on mediation, you get advice to resolve a conflict through a structured negotiation that helps you and the other party:

  • quickly move on with what is important
  • avoid large legal costs
  • save time compared to long lawsuits
  • to be able to look each other in the eye afterwards
  • maintain a good relationship
  • reach an agreement
  • become winners

We offer to take on the role as mediator between several parties who want to create solutions that everyone can be happy about. As a mediator, we are neutral, impartial and independent of the parties to the agreement. That is, the goal of our work in this context is to create solutions across the parties. As a mediator, we help to clarify positions, interests, and points of dispute and on this basis, reach a solution by conciliation.

Mediation can be used in both large and small cases – and with few or more parties. A typical case will typically be completed within a month of mediation.

The legislation has become clearer regarding mediation and the role of the mediator, which makes the guidelines clearer and thus helps to ensure a structured process. In addition, in the standard terms and conditions of the construction industry (AB18), it has become part of the conflict management that the parties must have tried mediation before ending in arbitration.