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Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

We have the required industry insight to give advice on the complex Danish real estate market.

Giving advice on purchase and sale of real estate is one of our core competences. Through the years we have handled transfers for a substantial amount of money, both as direct transfers of properties or as part of transfers of a business.

We give holistic advice with significant commercial consideration. This implies that we also advise on the terms and completion of the property transaction, financing and other conditions of importance to the running of the property.

Our expertise includes both purchase and sale of business properties as well as private purchase and sale of private homes.

We ensure that as far as possible the actual completion of the transfer, including deposit and release of the purchase price, recording of the deed of transfer and preparation of statement of completion will be made smoothly and on time.

In connection with the transfer of rental properties and business properties we implement a thorough due diligence of the situation of the property uncovering all vital matters.

We have a professional relation to other players in connection with a transfer, including banks, mortgage providers and authorised estate agents, which ensures an efficient handling of the cases.