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Wiring and supply conditions

Moving or relocating existing supply lines are often associated with significant costs, and at the same time, it is almost impossible to avoid coming into contact with supply lines when new building and construction projects are to be carried out, new roads established or altered on the existing road network, in connection with municipal urban development projects etc.

Completion of development projects also often includes matters regarding construction of new supplying, where valuable property is at stake, especially within the wastewater area and where legislation is complex.

The so-called guest principle for wires governs who is to pay for the expenses for the required wiring work and thus, if it is the landowner or the wire owner. In this connection, the local authorities are landowners: either as highway authorities in relation to road areas or as owner of municipal areas, and therefore, the local authorities often have many conflicts about payment of expenses for wiring work and the scope of the guest principle.

With Sarah Jano, Codex Advokater has one on the leading specialists in the country in the field of wiring and supply, and among other things, she has been directly involved in a lot of the cases about rights and appraisal regarding the scope and understanding of the guest principle that have been conducted during the past 10 years for the government construction authorities and companies, and which have been directive for the distribution of expenses for wiring works in connection with the execution of public construction and infrastructure projects.

Our counselling in the field of wiring and supply among other things include the following:

  • Conclusion of wiring protocol agreements and reimbursement agreements
  • Drafting of declaration paradigms for securing of wiring systems
  • Interpretation of wiring declarations and other contractual framework (terms of delivery etc.)
  • The relation between local authorities and municipal utility companies
  • LER-legislation (The Danish Register of Underground Cable Owners)
  • Payment of joining fees
  • Conclusion of land development agreements