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Our sharpest weapon is knowledge

Codex means standard or guideline and is an ancient Latin name for a statute book. We are constantly aiming at creating results for our clients. We are personally behind each assignment, and our knowledge and commitment strengthen our clients’ businesses in a competitive world.

We believe that a good business sense and knowledge of our clients’ daily markets help increase our clients’ position. And we gather knowledge of the ongoing challenges – both the general and the more specialised. In that way, we constantly ensure that we stay one jump ahead.

Our primary line of action is to advise companies on Danish and international matters as well as the public and municipal sector – of any geography, scale and business. Likewise, we offer our clients assistance and counselling regarding private matters.

Who we are

Codex Advokater has offices in both Vejle and Horsens and is one of the biggest law firms in the region, specializing in business counselling. We also have an office in Copenhagen in Carlsberg City. We advise within all business related areas.

”We are a strong team of more than 30 lawyers with each our area of expertise and a number of qualified employees ready to solve your commercial and legal challenges.”

We are a member of Mackrell Internationalan international legal association.

Our Codex

Codex Advokater is inspired by knowledge and wisdom from the past. And we have drawn our inspiration from The Samurai Code from 1080. The insight is to avoid war and avoid coming into conflict. It is about planning the best strategy, see the future and avoid battle.

”The greatest victory is the battle not fought”.
– The Samurai Code

We stand behind our clients with knowledge, focus, security and strength to clear hurdles for the company – preferably without a fight. When it is not possible to come to an agreement with an opposing party, we fight for our clients with sharpened legal weapons. We gather the required expertise together ensuring that our client is safe behind the strongest possible formation.