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Planning Law

The planning law governs the physical land use through two primary constituents: the planning and the zone system. The planning law is characterised by ongoing changes giving rise to reconsiderations, whether it is the local authority, which is the main authority in the field, or whether it is a company, which must relate to the planning in connection with for instance purchase of a property or plans to expand the existing building.

Numerous cases within the planning area are complicated by the fact that the planning law must be considered in the context with other legislations, including e.g. the act on environmental appraisal, which typically comes into play in connection with the preparation of a new planning. In addition to this many decisions pursuant to the planning law are being appealed, and therefore there is currently an abundant practice to attend to and be aware of.

Within the planning area we provide legal services to both public authorities and private companies.

Generally, our assignments for public authorities consist of advice in connection with preparation of expert opinions and the like as well as the conduct of concrete legal proceedings and complaints. We also assist in cases about expropriation pursuant to the planning law and other laws, as well as cases about valuation in respect of assessment of damages.

We advise companies about the possibilities and restrictions caused by the planning law, such as e.g. concerning purchase of real estate, enlargements of companies and transfers of business.