Estate planning

Make the big decisions
while they are small

We assist our clients in forming a general view, weighing the pros and cons and analysing scenarios in such manner that big decisions can be made quietly and with the greatest possible insight.

Litigation and Arbitration

The wise warrior avoids the battle

It is a question of planning the best strategy and avoid battle. When it is not possible to come to an agreement with an opposing party, we fight for our clients with sharpened legal weapons. We stand steadily behind our clients – with the strongest possible formation.

Shareholders and ownership

The greatest victory is the battle not fought

We stand behind our clients with knowledge, focus, security and strength to clear hurdles for the company when entering into agreements with consequences well into the future in order to make everything more clear, clarified and balance the expectations.


Plan the difficult things
– when it is easy

We believe that our knowledge and business sense can increase our clients’ position. Therefore, we stand behind a large number of our clients, from the resolution in the boardroom to everyday challenges and counselling.

We put our clients
in the strongest possible position

We always field the sharpest team, which guarantees thoroughness and seriousness.
We believe that the greatest victory is achieved through clever negotiation and acute counselling.

Our sharpest weapon is knowledge

We are personally behind each assignment

Incorrect counselling can be expensive for the companies. That is why we work hard to give our clients the necessary knowledge and counselling to implement new ideas, new products or new business models successfully. That is our DNA – our Codex.

Anne Glintborg Fog


Born: 1979

Lawyer: 2011

Areas of expertise:

  • Rådgivning om markedsføringsret, immaterialret og persondataret
  • Rådgivning om lejeret, almene boliger og andelsboliger
  • Rådgivning om inkasso

Sprog: Engelsk, tysk og de skandinaviske sprog.

Afdeling: Vejle